5 Points To Consider When Getting a Dog

When it comes to getting a dog, the options are always abundant. Different thoughts overwhelm you when you decide to get a dog. Out of all these thoughts, one consumes people the most. Which is, what size dog breed should I get?

The truth is, it is a daunting task to look for the best suitable dog. You need to ensure your dog is right-sized and the right breed. However, size and breed are not the only things to keep in mind. Is your pet-to-be the best fit for your family and lifestyle? It is hard to decide when so many options are on your doorstep, and you have to pick the right card with keeping multiple things in mind.

Since there are many factors to consider, we recommend you do your homework before getting a dog. If you do the research, you will be able to make the right and the best choice. However, it can get exhausting. We understand! To help you decide, here are some factors to keep in mind before getting a dog.

1. Space

The first thing to consider is the space area available for the dog. Since dogs need plenty of space to play and roam around, big lounges and outside lawns are the best fittings. But that does not mean living in apartments seizes the opportunity of getting a lovable puppy. When it comes to inadequate space, small dog breeds like Bichon Frise and Pug are the best options. They are polite, friendly, and quiet breeds(will not upset your neighbors). In addition to that, they are comfortable in three-roomed abodes.

So, if you have plenty of space, then it is all well and good. But if not, then you can still pet small dogs.

2. Character

Always keep in mind, all dogs have different personalities and trainability. You cannot judge a dog by its size. If you believe that small dogs will cause you less effort, or will not need daily walks, then you might be wrong. Or, if you have in mind that big dogs will cause you more trouble and destruction, then again, you might be wrong. It all depends on the personality of the dog.

However, there are some general characteristics classified between big and small dogs. Big dogs are often more family-friendly and easier to train. Since they are bigger, they are better at guarding and keeping the burglars away. Small dogs are good lap dogs and often come with fewer expenses than big dogs .i.e., food, travel, and other expenditures. 

3. Household

Once you have considered the space and the size, the next thing to consider is the family/household. Are you single or married, have kids or not, and are there any old members in the family?

 If you have kids, you need to supervise the dog whenever your kids are around. Why? Because although dogs are friendly and playful, it still is dangerous to let them alone with kids. According to a survey in the United States, millions of people are bitten every year by dogs, and 51% of dog bite victims are children. Therefore, we suggest you be cautious and get a child-friendly dog, like Labrador and Bulldog.

4. Lifestyle

Make your mind clear before getting a dog. It is of utmost importance to get a dog that matches your lifestyle. Or else, you might get unhappy if your dog doesn't adapt to your lifestyle.

 If you are an athletic person and seeking athletic traits in your dog, then it's significant to note that your dog-to-be should be physically and mentally strong, like Siberian Husky. Likewise, if you are looking for a snuggle partner, a couch potato, Greyhound and Pug fit best in the description. They are goofy, adorable, and cuddle seeker puppies.

 Since all dogs have different personalities, you should not force them to adapt to a lifestyle. Their happiness is the priority, and everything else comes secondary.

5. Puppy or Adult

Puppies are cute little adorable fur balls. One can not help but pat them. They are playful and lovable and the best source of entertainment. However, puppies require extra care and attention because they are dependent on you. They need supervision at all times as human babies do. Also, do not forget their potty training. We see no other reason not to get a puppy if you have enough patience and are ready to take up the challenges that tag along with these adorable furballs. However, if you think taking care of a puppy would be hectic, you can get an adult dog. They do not need extra care since they already have basic training from the prior owners. You only have to show them around the house.

We know you are all fired up to get a pooch friend. However, please keep in mind that your space area should be adequate for the dog, your lifestyle needs to be matchable, and finally, make sure you are getting the right size and breed dog.


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