Match your dog's wardrobe with yours this Fall

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With Autumn, everyone is in a hurry to upgrade their wardrobes to match the trends this year. The season offers exciting opportunities to play around with layered outfits. From comfy and trendy sweaters and coats in your wardrobes to stylish boots, scarfs, and personalized bandanas -- the options are limitless.

Whether you are a fashionista who dresses fancy everywhere or someone who likes to dress modestly, let's admit the outfit-matching trend is on everyone's bucket list! The wholesomeness of twinning attire with your loved ones is evergreen. It significantly displays your love for the one you match outfits with.

How about we twist things around this autumn? If you are reading this story, we are sure you love your doggo. Well, outfit twinning should only remain limited to humans? You can also pair your outfits with your pets, especially dogs! In addition to that, they also understand the love language of twinning outfits.

If you believe this is an interesting idea, then it's time to get styling! But, how exactly can you twin outfits with your dog? After all, he doesn't go around dressed up from top to bottom, does he? Well, you're in the right place! Here, we listed five ways you can match outfits with your pet dog.

5 ways to have matching attire with your pets

1.   Wear the same color outfit as your dog's fur

If your love and obsession with your dog are on another level, you likely want to look just like them! Well, that might sound awkward to some, but most dog-lovers do wish to look like their pups! It's a cute way to display love for your pet dog if you ask us. If you happen to be one such dog-parent, then this idea is for you.

Many brands provide custom-made outfits, so why not match your dressing with your dog's fur? It's a cool fashion trend that's popular among dog-lovers. Plus, you don't have to get your dog to wear anything either! The idea is super easy and completely worth it.

2.   Matching color with a collar

Another way to match your attire with your dog is to get a dog collar that matches your outfit color. It is a simple yet chic style and works well in all seasons. Since collars are already something they wear, your dog will comfortably wear them despite the temperature and surroundings. If being wrapped around in clothes distresses your dog and brings them discomfort, then we suggest you go with this style.

3.    Personalized Dog Bandana

Bandanas are the perfect outfit for dogs to wear during the fall season. The personalized dog bandana trend is breaking the internet - for good reason.

Bandanas are especially in style during Fall, and also serve more than on purpose. Firstly, it prevents your dog from getting a cold and keeps them warm and cozy. Apart from maintaining temperature, bandanas are super cute and stylish. You can wrap the bandana around your dog's neck. At Murphy and Max, we personalize Bandanas to suit your needs! If you want to style your dog with a chic bandana this fall, we suggest you check out this black and white plaid personalized dog bandana. Plaids are in-trend all the time and look classy. We also have multiple other high-quality designs in bandanas with different sizes ranging from XXSmall to XXLarge, which you can check out.

4.   Cosplay with your furry friend

Cosplaying your favorite character is cool, but cosplaying with your dog is even cooler. It's unique and attention-grabbing. Not many dog owners follow this fashion because it requires a little more effort than other styles, but it's completely worth it. Some ideas of cold cosplaying: Dress like John Wick and tag your dog Daisy(optional), or dress as The Incredible with your dog.

5.   Matching outfit

Last but not least, match your outfit with your dog - completely. Here are some ideas you can follow:

A matching sweater for your dog, it will make your dog stay warm, feel comfy, and look cute.

A matching outfit complementing each other, it's a perfect way to show off your strong bonding with your dog. Match your pajamas with your dog's vest.

It's an effortless style that you can practice indoors and outdoors, both. However, take note that not all dogs will like this idea. Before preparing outfits, make sure your pooch is comfortable with the idea. 

Is it a good idea to match outfits with your dog?

Now that you have a handful of ideas, you must be thinking if it's a good idea or not. Will my dog like it? Well, if you're a good dog parent, then this question is bound to make its way into your head. That's why we have explained it in detail here.

Dogs are expressive animals. They understand the emotions and gestures of their humans. Studies conclude a dog can communicate with humans, unlike any other animal.

Don't you adore how your dog runs around in circles with a wagging tail? Well, they do so because they are happy. And do you ever wonder how your dog sits so quietly when you raise your voice at them? That's because they get sad. They can sense and recognize our emotions. They understand and find joy in little gestures of love. That's just another reason why dogs are the most adorable and lovable pets one can own.

 Scrubbing and patting your pup is one out of many ways to express your love for them. But there is another way to show them how much they matter to you: include them in things you do. For example, when you dress them up just like you, they will feel important and loved. And let's not forget how cool you both will look. You can even take pictures of you twinning with your dog and upload them on your social media for some aesthetics!

 So next time you take your dog for a walk, make sure you give your best friend a matching outfit or accessory. Your dog will be overwhelmed with love and will feel like a crucial part of the family. 

Things to Consider


Many dogs don't prefer clothing at all. They like to feel the wind brushing against their fur. On the contrary, many dogs are comfortable with clothes on. They are happy to wear them.

 It is your job as a dog parent to analyze what makes your pup most comfortable. Your priority should always be the comfort of your dog - fashion trends can wait. So make sure if you notice your dog's discomfort after wearing that hat, shirt, or any outfit, do not enforce it. Let it be as it is. Your dog will eventually learn and adapt the ways you want them to. Even if they don't, it's okay. Your dog looks equally adorable in its natural coat as well.

Supervise your dog

Dogs are active and curious animals. They are always rushing to explore something new, whether it's a bee they want to chase or a bush that's about to get overrun. Bushes are a dog's favorite place to explore. Thus, the chances of outfits getting caught up in the bush are high. So, make sure you are always there to help your dog out in such situations. 

Lastly, remember to have fun with things! Matching your style with your dog will give him a feeling of trust and love. Thus, making them cheerful. However, it's crucial to take care of the things we have mentioned above at all times.

When it comes to styling, go with whatever suits best and sits fine with your pup. We are huge fans of the personalized dog bandana trend. Let us know which twinning idea you liked most!