Super Cute Dog Bandana for Small Dogs

This cute bandana with flowers for a small dog from Murphy and Max is made from a soft and lightweight cotton fabric with a vibrant floral print. The bandana has a mix of pastel and bright colors, including as pink, purple, yellow, for a playful and joyful look.

Small Dog Bandana

This particular bandana has a triangular shape, with two equal sides and a pointed tip, making it easy to tie around the dog's neck. The edges are finished with a rolled hem and a strong stitch for durability. To add some extra cuteness, the bandana has a small leather tag with the dog's name or, as another option, a cute phrase, such as "flower power" or "pawsome blossom."

Murphy and Max offers handmade, cute bandanas with flowers for your small dog that are stylish, comfortable, and practical, allowing the dog to express their personality and make a fashion statement.